Depending on how you want your product featured- we have different advertising options...

Package 1- Personal Style Posts
We will post on our style blog outfits featuring your products. This is done on swap terms. You share us- we share you. Photos will be taken by a professional photographer, styled by us and inspired by you, then shared on our social media.

Package 2- Product Featured Photoshoots
We will feature your product in styled editorials. In exchange for product and a fee; we will deliver beautiful photos to use on your website, portfolio, and/ or other business needs. The photos will also be featured and advertised on our website and other social media sites. If this option suits your needs, please contact us at leeandlo[at]gmail[dot]com to receive our media kit.

Package 3- Advertising
We will feature your ad on our sidebar and mention on other social media sites in exchange for a fee. See our Advertising Page for rates.

Package 4- Partnership
Being professional stylists we often find ourselves in need of specific items. If you wish to work with us or if you wish to be on our contact list, please email us at leeandlostylists[at]gmail[dot]com. We are in need of items from clothing, shoes (especially in sizes different from our own), accessories, styling tools, makeup, hair products, and other general use items. If you wish to have the items returned after use, postage will be required.

We reserve the rights to all photos produced through Lee & Lo. If you wish to purchase our services for photos whose rights are released to you- then see our Services Page.
We reserve the right to decline sponsorship from anyone we feel does not fit our brand's style.

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