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Professional Styling Services- 
This service is directed towards those seeking styling services for photographers, visual media (television, movies, commercials), magazines, live entertainment (musical artists, public speakers, etc.), and major companies such as- clothing, accessories, shoes, and other commercial businesses.
Price Per 8 hr Work Day- $800

Wardrobe Consultation-
Price Per 8 hr Work Day- $350

Group Consultations-
1 hr: $250
2 hr: $350

Personal Shopping Services-
Price Per 8 hr Work Day- $400


We reserve the right to decline any services that do not meet our business and personal standards.
Fees are subject to change according to days, distance, amount of guests (group consultations), etc.
A deposit of half the service charge must be paid up-front; the rest will be paid at the end of the service.
Fees listed above cover our services only; all merchandise purchased must be covered by client. Exceptions will be made in exchange for higher payment.

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